This is a one-on-one consultation - in person, over the phone, or via Skype - to discuss incorporating the Four Pillars into your life and how we can best support you through your pregnancy or postpartum period.



You've gone through the marathon of labor and birth, take the time to recover from the most beautiful and athletic event of your life. This series of 8 classes over 4 weeks will help you to establish a solid core foundation and return to - or learn - functional movement patterns safely. This course is for those who are at least 6 weeks postpartum (but anyone in any phase of postpartum can participate!), or have been cleared for exercise by your provider. Non-mobile babies welcome.



In this series of 4 classes over 4 weeks, you will focus on breathing and core rehabilitation. Our goal is to move freely and with intention, enhance your posture, and wake up the posterior chain. Breath & Flow is ideal for those who are 4-12 weeks postpartum, but any phase of postpartum can join! Non-mobile babies welcome.



Congratulations! Now that you're expecting, it's time to prepare. This course is taken with your birth partner. You both will be educated on preparation during pregnancy, the birth process, and the Four Pillars of BIRTHFIT. We will introduce you to diaphragmatic breathing and functional movement patterns. You and your birth partner will discuss your birth desires and develop a personal postpartum plan. This is a comprehensive childbirth education course that will prepare you with all the tools and information you need to make the most informed decisions when it comes to your pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.



The BIRTHFIT Workshop is a crash course on all things BIRTHFIT. We introduce the Four Pillars - Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and Connection - and how they can be applied to your life. We also discuss the importance of core stability and the BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions. Contact us to schedule a workshop! 

Price depends on number of participants 


Classes currently on hold due to maternity leave.

These prenatal/postpartum group classes are ongoing and are offered 3 times/week. Thursday 11-12, Saturday/Sunday 11:30-12:30. You will warm up with breath work and the BIRTHFIT Functional Progressions and work on strength and conditioning. The focus is on safe, functional movements.

$20 per drop-in, $150 for 10 classes, $180 for 15 classes.